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Regents Park Public School prides itself on delivering innovative and high quality educational programs, tailored to students from Kindergarten to Year 6. Our staff have a strong commitment to excellence in learning. We prioritise the development of foundational skills in literacy and numeracy, ensuring that every child has the tools they need to succeed. Our approach emphasises equity, aiming to create adaptable and responsible citizens who are equipped for the future.

At our school, we believe in engaging students through rich learning experiences that foster vital skills such as creativity, leadership and resilience. Our student wellbeing initiatives focus on the importance of positive relationships, collaborative problem-solving, respect, and student leadership, creating a nurturing environment where every individual is valued and supported in their educational journey.

Our highly professional staff are dedicated to maintaining a culture of high expectations, continuously striving for excellence in teaching and learning. Through evidence-informed teaching practices and a commitment to professional learning our staff ensure that each student is engaged in high quality education.

We place great value on building strong partnerships with parents and the wider school community, recognising that collaboration is essential for the success and growth of our students. Together, we work to create a school-wide culture of high expectations, where every child belongs and is known, valued and cared for.

Jodie Landon


Our school

Regents Park Public School provides high-quality education programs for children from Kindergarten to Year 6 in a safe, friendly and harmonious environment. The school has an uncompromising focus on innovative teaching and learning in a context of student, staff and community well being. 

We have a strong focus on literacy, numeracy, technology and personal development and are committed to educating the whole child so they are able to develop a lifelong love of learning and become responsible citizens of the future. We achieve this by offering a wide range of academic learning opportunities and programs which foster creativity, leadership and resilience. This includes dancing, choir, public speaking and debating. 

Our personalised approach to education ensures that each child has the opportunity to achieve their personal best and be a successful learner. This approach is strengthened by smaller class sizes and by team-teaching with classroom teachers and specialist teachers who offer English as a second language, Learning assistance and Reading recovery and counselling. The school also employs school learning support officers to provide assistance to students with additional learning needs. 

Our student wellbeing policy promotes positive relationships, collaborative problem solving, cooperation and student leadership. Individual strengths and differences are respected and enrich the social fabric of our school. Student achievements are shared and celebrated on a regular basis.

Our highly-professional staff are energetic and committed to achieving the best learning outcomes for all students. They understand the importance of maintaining their own professional growth to ensure that they apply the most current educational research so that students get the very best teaching possible. Staff work collaboratively in multi-stage professional learning teams which provide them with the opportunity to work beyond their classroom and their current cohort of students. A whole school approach to providing high quality teaching has enabled students to continue to improve their learning outcomes across the curriculum. 

We value community participation and are very committed to strengthening our relationship with members of our community and increasing their participation in the school. We have a community engagement officer who is working closely with the community to ensure they continue to be a part of all aspects of schooling. 

The school is well resourced and features a new school hall, well manicured grounds, a well equipped library, connected classrooms, computer lab, new modern classrooms and interactive whiteboards. Each student in the school has an XO computer that enables them to create a range of projects and research information using the internet. 

If you are seeking an exceptional education for your child, Regents Park Public School may well be the answer.